John Lee Comstock History of the Greek Revolution

16 year old Katsos Klephtic ClanJohn Lee Comstock, author, born in Lyme, Connecticut, in 1789; died in Hartford, Connecticut, 21 November, 1858. After receiving a common-school education he studied medicine, and, a few months after receiving his diploma, became assistant surgeon in the 20th infantry. Photograph on the left is Elias Katsos depicted in a typical ‘klephte; outfit for the period. 

His books include textbooks on natural philosophy, chemistry, mineralogy, botany, geology, physiology, natural history, and physical geography, a” History of the Greek Revolution” (New York, 1828), 

The copy of the book may be downloaded by clicking on: History of the Greek Revolution

He served at Fort Trumbull, New London, Connecticut, during part of the war of 1812, and then on the northern frontier, where he had charge of three hospitals. At the close of the war he settled in Hartford, Connecticut, and about 1830 began compiling schoolbooks. He possessed much mechanical ingenuity, was a skilful draughtsman, and made the drawings for most of the illustrations of his works.


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