The Georgitsi Chronicles

1 GeoorgitsiGeorgitsi surnames are important and historical documents that record the many surnames of those who were residing, born and had some affiliation with the town.  The town boasted of more that 3500 inhabitants post world war 2. However with the exodus of people seeking a better quality of life, the town quickly became depopulated to the point of almost extinction.  Today in 2016 there may be less than 200 souls to be found in the town, many of whom having migrated to other western nations and to the major cities of Greece. 
The following documents came into my possession somewhere along the way in the form of images and it would appear that hey came out of a handwritten book. This means that somewhere in the world, an individual has the original and has a better quality of the documents.  What I have done to maintain the records is transform them into three sections in PDF format and can be downloaded for those interested in their heritage.  Unfortunately I don’t have the time to translate the names into English and leave that to those more competent to the task. . 

Any updated versions would be most appreciated and sent via email to [email protected]   The Chronicles will  be transferred to a separate site dedicated to the town of Georgitsi in due course.
The following documents may be downloaded by clicking on the titles:






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