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OLD CHRONICLESOver the past 40 years of personal research into the village of Pellana, now and again I come across some gems of information that is relevant to the village and its surrounding environment. One of these were the Varoutios Family Tree Chronicles. The gentleman responsible were compiling the list knew full well the importance of recording families and he went to great pains to gather the information from sources still alive in his day. 

This gentleman whose name escapes me was a relative to my mother and in fact I am of the belief that it was her Uncle who took the time and effort to put all together into one document. He was born in Pellana and left the village, travelling to Athens to develop further his goals in life. Whilst he lived alone in Athens, he always managed to return back home to his place of birth and speaking to the elders of his time.

He never married and remained a bachelor until his death. Upon his death other relative found the document which he had compiled and  in the course of time and space, a copy of the document came into my possession in Melbourne Australia. At first I could not believe my eyes and it suddenly dawned upon me the value of such a historical document even though it had been copied from the original. 

I gave a copy to my mother who pored over its contents and remarked that t brought back many memories of her time as a young girl in the village and remembered many of the names included n the document. She did however remark that the document was flawed in some places and that some errors had crept in. These errors were of little significance but still changes would need to be made according to my mother. To this day, I have not made those changes according to my mothers recollection of the past and of the people included in the document.

I took it home and created three volumes each interconnected wit one another in chronological sequence. Once this had been achieved the A3 size document was then reduced to A4 size in order to digitize all three chronicles.  The digitization of the document took some time as every effort was made to ensure that the best possible copies were created in PDF format.  On completion of the digitization, copies were also sent to Canada and the USA to ensure that they were never lost and at least a copy would remain in existence.

Another copy was entered onto the Pellana website on the server being run by myself in Melbourne Victoria, Australia. The idea was to assist others whose origins were from Pellana had access to the Varoutsios Chronicles.

Peter Adamis

The documents in PDF format found below may be downloaded by clicking on each of the chronicles:





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