Homes album of 2004

1 Rassias CastleThe home displayed to the left of the screen is commonly referred to as Rassias Castle. It has since been renovated and is a must see for visitors. Located in the centre of the town near the spring named ‘Pellanis’, the home was built in approximately 1885 and since then has stood the ravages of time, war, earthquakes, depopulation, famine and much unrest. The home belongs to two families and it has been divided into two parts.

Further to the above, it will be of interest to readers that an album snapped in June 2004 for the sole means of recording the homes throughout the village for future generations was recorded. It was created to enable future generations to loom back upon a bygone era and remember those who had gone before them.

With the new highway now almost completed it is envisaged that many of the youth and their families will return to their origins of birth and commute daily to their place of work.

With support from government funding and the EU, agriculture may once again become a viable proposition for the may of the youth who have left the village for the bright lights of the larger cities seeking fame, fortune, employment and/or relationships.

The village can now boast of having all of the utilities that may be found in the cities and one hopes that with Pellana being the hub for the many surrounding towns, including a potential boost in tourism an increase of human activity may occur. 

Interested parties that may be interested in obtaining a copy of the 2004 homes snapshot may do so by contacting the author on email [email protected] or alternatively leave a message in the comment section located at the bottom of this article.  Peter Adamis

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